No. Title Speaker Time Venue
450 Bigdata, machine learning and malware detection Ling Huang
DataVisor, Inc
2016-05-24-2016-05-24 FIT 1-222
449 Integrated Investment Decision-making: How to Build Investment Engines in FinTech Areas Changle Lin
Princeton University & Robo-advisor Architect of Merrill Lynch Wealth Management
2016-05-25-2016-05-25 FIT 1-222
448 Optical levitation and quantum spin-optomechanics of levitated nanodiamonds Tongcang Li
Purdue University
2016-06-14-2016-06-14 MMW-S327
447 Multiqubit Clifford groups are unitary 3-designs Dr. Huangjun Zhu
University of Cologne
2016-04-28-2016-04-28 FIT 1-222
446 Multivariable Algorithmics Prof. Rod Downey
Victoria Univ. of Wellington, New Zealand
2016-04-27-2016-04-27 FIT 1-222
445 Finding Remote Homologous Proteins: Alignment-Based, Alignment-Free and Cross-Modal Methods Dr. Xuefeng Cui
the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, Saudi Arabia
2016-04-21-2016-04-21 FIT 1-222
444 De novo visual proteomics in single cells through pattern mining Dr. Min Xu
University of Southern California (USC)
2016-04-27-2016-04-27 FIT 1-222
443 Collaborative Autonomous Multi-Agent Systems Chongjie Zhang
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
2016-04-25-2016-04-25 FIT 1-202
442 Four Lectures on Quantum Information, Quantum Foundations, and Quantum Thermodynamics Vlatko Vedral and Andrew Garner
2016-04-07-2016-04-07 Tsinghua Xuetang 102
441 Four Lectures on Quantum Information, Quantum Foundations, and Quantum Thermodynamics Vlatko Vedral and Andrew Garner
2016-03-31-2016-03-31 Tsinghua Xuetang 102
440 Wave-particle delayed-choice experiments Prof. Shibiao Zheng
Physics Department, Fuzhou University
2016-03-31-2016-03-31 MMW-S327
439 Paxos Made Transparent Dr. Heming Cui
University of Hong Kong
2016-03-24-2016-03-24 FIT 1-415
438 Fully Leakage-Resilient Codes Antonio Faonio
postdoc at Aarhus University
2016-03-18-2016-03-18 FIT 1-222
437 Reasoning with Deep Learning Yuandong Tian (田渊栋)
Facebook AI Research
2016-03-25-2016-03-25 FIT 1-312
436 Superconducting Nanowire Single photon detector (SNSPD) Lixing YOU
Chinese Academy of Sciences
2016-03-17-2016-03-17 Rohm Building 10-206
435 Incompatibility between renewable-energy policy, climate-change policy, and electricity market design Yang Yu
Stanford University
2016-03-17-2016-03-17 FIT 1-222
434 Constructing paradox of choice examples in social network games Dr. Michael Raskin
Aarhus University
2016-03-09-2016-03-09 FIT 1-222
433 Fill but do not spill: achieving efficiency and robustness simultaneously in clo Dr. Hongqiang Liu
Microsoft Research, Redmond Lab
2016-03-10-2016-03-10 FIT 1-222
432 Cavity quantum electrodynamics with quantum dots and topological superconductors Mircea Trif
University of Paris-Saclay
2016-03-11-2016-03-11 FIT 1-222
431 The Quantum Way of Doing Computations Prof. Rainer Blatt
University of Innsbruck and Austrian Academy of Sciences
2016-02-26-2016-02-26 MMW-S327