No. Title Speaker Time Venue
576 Characteristics-Based Factors Jianfeng Yu
The PBC School of Finance,Tsinghua University
2019-03-08-2019-03-08 FIT 1-222
575 Data-Driven Optimization for User Interaction in the Mobile Era: Information Access, Security and Beyond Xueqing Liu
University of Illinois Urbana Champaign
2019-03-04-2019-03-04 FIT 1-222
574 Cryogenic Trapped Ion System for Large Scale Quantum Simulation Wen Lin Tan
University of Maryland
2019-02-22-2019-02-22 FIT 1-222
573 Cross Modal Self-supervised Learning: Computer Vision + X Hang Zhao
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
2019-02-27-2019-02-27 FIT 1-222
572  Position and spin operators for Dirac particles Sam Young CHO
Chongqing University
2019-01-29-2019-01-29 MMWS-327
571 The Power of Hashing Mikkel Thorup
University of Copenhagen
2019-03-11-2019-03-11 FIT 1-222
570 Position and spin operators for Dirac particles Sam Young CHO
Chongqing University
2019-01-29-2019-01-29 MMWS-327
569 How to grab an atom without squeezing it Dongyhyun Cho
Korea University
2018-12-04-2018-12-04 MMW S327
568 Quantum simulations with strongly interacting photons: Simulating exotic phases of matter and applications in quantum technology Dimitris G. Angelakis
National University of Singapore
2018-12-18-2018-12-18 MMW S327
567 Quantum Approximate Optimization: Performance, Mechanism, and Implementation on Near-Term Devices Shengtao Wang
Harvard University
2019-01-08-2019-01-08 FIT 1-222
566 Variational quantum simulation Xiao Yuan
University of Oxford
2019-01-04-2019-01-04 MMW S327
565 Vision for Robotics: a View from Autonomous Driving Yang Gao
UC Berkeley
2018-12-31-2018-12-31 FIT 1-222
564 Understanding Optimization and Generalization in Deep Learning: A Trajectory-based Analysis Simon Shaolei Du
Carnegie Mellon University
2018-12-25-2018-12-25 FIT 1-222
563 Understanding the Generalization Performance of Non-Convex Methods in Machine Learning Hongyang Zhang
Stanford University
2018-12-26-2018-12-26 FIT 1-222
562 Byzantine Agreement with Optimal Resilience, Communication, and Round Complexity Ling Ren
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
2018-12-18-2018-12-18 FIT 1-222
561 Understanding and Improving Generalization in ML and RL Tengyu Ma
Stanford University
2018-12-18-2018-12-18 FIT 1-222
560 Provable Algorithms for Statistical Challenges in Data Driven Decision Making Yuhao Wang
2018-12-24-2018-12-24 FIT 1-222
559 Adventures with large biomedical datasets: diseases, medical records, environment and genetics Prof. Andrey Rzhetsky
University of Chicago
2018-12-11-2018-12-11 FIT 1-222
558 Cancer germline genomics: from biological insights to genomic predictions Prof.Edwin Wang
University of Calgary
2018-11-20-2018-11-20 FIT 1-222
557 Pushing Secure Multi-Party Computation to Reality Dr. Xiao Wang
MIT and Boston University
2018-11-20-2018-11-20 FIT 1-222