No. Title Speaker Time Venue
16 Hamiltonicity of Regular Graphs and Blocks of Consecutive Ones in Symmetric Matr Francis Lau
The University of Hong Kong
2007-03-13-2007-03-13 FIT Building, Tsinghua University
15 Matrix Rank, Rigidity and Complexity Jayalal Sarma M.N
The Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennai, India
2008-03-05-2008-03-05 FIT Building 4-603, Tsinghua University
14 Fairness and Partial Fairness in Secure Two-Party Computation Jonathan Katz
University of Maryland
2010-06-10-2010-06-10 FIT 4-603
13 Technology on Measurement Information Processing in Wireless Sensor Networks Xue Wang
Tsinghua University
2010-05-27-2010-05-27 FIT 4-603
12 A Theory of Cryptographic Complexity Manoj Prabhakaran
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
2010-05-20-2010-05-20 FIT 1-222
11 Blackwell Approachability meets Regret Minimization in the Dual Jacob Abernethy
UC Berkeley
2010-04-23-2010-04-23 FIT 1-222
10 Massive Data and Data Intensive Super Computing Jianzhong Li
Harbin Institute of Technology
2010-04-23-2010-04-23 FIT 4-603
9 60 Years of Scientific Research in Cryptography: a Reflection Yvo Desmedt
University College London
2010-04-22-2010-04-22 FIT 1-222
8 Structural Alignment for RNAs S.M. Yiu
The University of Hong Kong
2010-04-15-2010-04-15 FIT 1-222
7 Universal One-Way Hash Functions via Inaccessible Entropy Hoeteck Wee
Queens College, CUNY
2010-04-01-2010-04-01 FIT 1-222
6 Breaking the $\epsilon$-Soundness Bound of the Linearity Test over GF(2) Ning Xie
2009-04-09-2009-04-09 FIT Building 4-603, Tsinghua University
5 Chosen Ciphertext Security via Correlated Products Alon Rosen
IDC Herzliya
2009-04-09-2009-04-09 FIT Building 4-603, Tsinghua University
4 Geometry and expansion: A survey Sanjeev Arora
Princeton University
2009-03-06-2009-03-06 Lecture Hall, FIT Building, Tsinghua University
3 Message Passing Algorithms and Improved LP decoding Sanjeev Arora
Princeton University
2009-03-02-2009-03-02 FIT Building 4-603, Tsinghua University
2 Reductions from directed maximum flow to undirected maximum flow and to bipartit Henry Lin
UC Berkeley
2009-02-26-2009-02-26 FIT Building 4-603, Tsinghua University
1 New Time-Space Trade-offs to Invert One-Way Functions and Break Pseudorandom Gen Luca Trevisan
Stanford University
2010-03-25-2010-03-25 FIT 1-222