No. Title Speaker Time Venue
545  Delay-Constrained Network Information Flow and Timely Wireless Flow with General Traffic Patterns Minghua Chen
Chinese University of Hong Kong
2018-09-14-2018-09-14 FIT 1-222
544 Self-testing using only marginal information Dr. Yu Cai
National University of Singapore
2018-09-04-2018-09-04 MMW S327
543  Maximizing Broadcast Throughput under Ultra-Low-Power Constraints Tingjun Chen
Columbia University
2018-08-31-2018-08-31 FIT 1-222
542 Autonomous Collision Avoidance, Navigation, and Scene Reconstruction in Complex Dynamic Environments  Dr. Jia Pan
City University of Hong Kong
2018-08-31-2018-08-31 MMW S327
541 Fast entangling gates with trapped ions Vera Schafer
Oxford University
2018-08-23-2018-08-23 MMW S327
540  High-power collective charging and work extraction of a solid-state quantum battery Gian Marcello Andolina
2018-08-23-2018-08-23 MMW S327
539 The Anisotropic Noise in Stochastic Gradient Descent: Its Behavior of Escaping from Minima and Regularization Effects Dr. Zhanxing Zhu
2018-07-04-2018-07-04 FIT 1-222
538 Coherent control and precision measurements of a single molecular ion Prof. Yiheng Lin
2018-07-05-2018-07-05 MMW S327
537 Continuous-trait model for comparing multi-species functional genomic data Jian Ma
Carnegie Mellon University
2018-08-06-2018-08-06 FIT 1-222
536 生物计算及其在生物学等领域的应用 潘林强
2018-07-12-2018-07-12 FIT 1-222
535 Multi-Agent Coordination: Insights, Hypotheses and Questions Prof. Lesser
University of Massachusetts, Amherst
2018-07-18-2018-07-18 FIT 1-222
534 Off-chain Operating Network Junda Liu, Cofounder of Celer Network
2018-06-14-2018-06-14 FIT 1-312
533 Advances in Quantum Algorithms and Hardware Modelling for Superconducting Circuits Adrian Parra
2018-05-21-2018-05-21 MMW S727
532 Quantum Simulation of Many-Body Physics and Nonlinear Light-Matter Interactions with Trapped Ions Iñigo Arrazola
University of the Basque Country
2018-05-21-2018-05-21 MMW S727
531 Optimal and Stable Motion Planning for Bipedal Locomotion Ayonga Hereid
University of Michigan
2018-05-31-2018-05-31 FIT 1-222
530 Variational quantum simulation of imaginary time evolution and its applications Dr. Xiao Yuan,Zhenyu Cai and Suguru Endo
University of Oxford
2018-05-16-2018-05-16 MMW S327
529 Planning and Decision-Making for Autonomous Robotic Systems in Dynamic Environments Lantao Liu
Indiana University - Bloomington
2018-05-11-2018-05-11 MMW S-327
528 Diamond Nano- and Quantum-Photonics Marko Loncar
Harvard University
2018-05-15-2018-05-15 FIT 1-222
527 Adventures in quantum optimization with noisy qubits Daniel Lidar
2018-05-14-2018-05-14 FIT 1-222
526 Selection from heaps, row-sorted matrices and X+Y using soft heaps Uri Zwick
Tel Aviv University
2018-05-15-2018-05-15 FIT 1-222