No. Title Speaker Time Venue
510 Precision measurements with trapped ion and development of a surface ion trap setup Das Swarup
National University of Singapore
2017-12-01-2017-12-01 1:30 pm - 3:00 pm,Dec. 1 (Friday),MMW S327.
509 Optimal Stochastic Control for Generalized Network Flow Problems Eytan Modiano
2017-12-05-2017-12-05 FIT 1-312
508 From Power Flow Geometry to Robotic Validation for Increasing Electric Vehicles Yang Weng
2017-11-29-2017-11-29 FIT 1-222
507 Combining symbolic and statistical AI methods for biomedical data analysis Robert Hoehndorf
2017-11-23-2017-11-23 FIT 1-222
506 Challenges of Modern DNA Sequencing Technologies Tomas Vinar
2017-12-04-2017-12-04 FIT 1-222
505 A Stein Variational Framework for Deep Probabilistic Modeling Qiang Liu
Dartmouth college
2017-11-24-2017-11-24 FIT 1-222
504  Sample Complexity in Revenue Maximization of Multi-item Auctions  Prof. Tuomas Sandholm
Carnegie Mellon University(CMU)
2017-11-07-2017-11-07 FIT 1-312
503 Digital Quantum Simulations of Spins and Fermions with Trapped Ions Dr. Lucas Lamata
University of the Basque Country, Bilbao, Spain
2017-11-17-2017-11-17 MMW S327
502 Analog and digital-analog quantum simulation of the Quantum Rabi Model Prof. Enrique Solano
University of the Basque Country, Bilbao, Spain
2017-11-17-2017-11-17 MMW S327
501 Online Algorithm Design for Peak-Minimizing EV Charging: Value of Partial Future Knowledge Dr. Shizhen Zhao
Purdue University
2017-11-16-2017-11-16 FIT 1-222
500 Unitary Work Extraction, Quantum Batteries and Powerful Driving Felix Binder
Nanyang Technological University (Mile Gu's group)
2017-10-30-2017-10-30 MMW S327
499 Finite-component system phase transitions in and out of equilibrium Dr. Myungjoong Hwang
Ulm Univesity (Martin Plenio's group)
2017-10-23-2017-10-23 MMW S327
498 Macroscopic Quantum Spintronics Devices Professor Takei
City University of New York (CUNY)
2017-10-16-2017-10-16 MMW S327
497 A Matching Theory of Organization and Network Prof. Andy Luchuan Liu
the South University of Science and Technology
2017-06-01-2017-06-01 FIT 1-312
496 Shortcuts to adiabaticity for BEC in nonlinear systems Prof. Xi Chen
Shanghai University
2017-05-31-2017-05-31 MMW S327
495 A faster deterministic pseudopolynomial time algorithm for subset sum Chao Xu
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
2017-07-06-2017-07-06 FIT 1-222
494 Spin chains far away from equilibrium: shortcuts to adiabaticity Prof. Adolfo del Campo
University of Massachusetts Boston
2017-06-30-2017-06-30 MMW 327
493 Laser cooling and trapping ions on a microfabricated surface trap Dr. Zichao Zhou
University of Washington
2017-07-03-2017-07-03 FIT 1-222
492 Machine learning quantum states and entanglement Dr.Dongling Deng
The University of Maryland
2017-07-13-2017-07-13 FIT 1-222
491 Compressed Sensing using Generative Models Prof. Eric Price
Compressed Sensing using Generative Models
2017-07-25-2017-07-25 FIT 1-222