Title:Quantum Journal Club: Resolving remote nuclear spins in a noisy bath by dynamica
Speaker: Weibin Wang Tsinghua University
Time: 2015-09-30 15:00-2015-09-30 16:00
Venue:MMW S327


We experimentally resolve several weakly coupled nuclear spins in diamond using a series of dynamical decoupling controls. Some nuclear spin signals, hidden by decoherence under ordinary dynamical decoupling controls, are shifted forward in time domain to the coherence time range and thus rescued from the fate of being submerged by the noisy spin bath. In this way, more and remote single nuclear spins are resolved. Additionally, the field of detection can be continuously tuned on subnanoscale. This method extends the capacity of nanoscale magnetometry and may be applicable in other systems for high-resolution noise spectroscopy.

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